The All New Mercedes-Benz GLC

Published on 20th December 2022 at 09:16:00

Attractive. On every route. 
Clear lines and dynamic proportions characterise the design of the new GLC. The sporty presence of the SUV is just as impressive in the city as it is off the road. 

The interior of the new GLC SUV sets standards. Be it the central display tilted towards the driver, the multifunction sports steering wheel or high-quality trim elements: high-quality materials ensure luxurious comfort that you can feel - on every journey. 

The new GLC with plug-in hybrid technology combines the range of the internal-combustion engine with the dynamics and efficiency of the electric motor. The latter provides additional power when accelerating or enables locally emission-free driving in the city. 

To Find out more about this exciting addition to the Mercedes-Benz Line up call the showroom on 051 301 222 or email